Kauai’s Best Bartender

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Located on the beautiful south shore of Kauai, RumFire Poipu Beach at Sheraton Kaua’i resort was holding their 5th annual event, Kauai’s Best Bartender. It was clear to RumFire that they needed to get the word out to have the desired turnout. 

During this yearly contest, the island’s best food and beverage industry professionals are challenged to showcase original handcrafted cocktails for the chance to earn the title of Kauai’s Best Bartender and a Grand Prize.

This event, in the style of the “Top Chef” competition, lasts for six weeks during which contestants go head-to-head by creating original cocktails featuring locally sourced ingredients and the spirit of the week. This year the festivities culminated in a Grand Finale event with live music, a DJ afterparty, and more.


    Sheraton Kaua’i Resort selected Jaxon Communications to increase brand awareness, publicity, and revenue for the 2019 Kauai’s Best Bartender event.


    Sheraton Kaua’i Resort’s aim was to elevate the buzz around the Kauai’s Best Bartender Event as it was their first year incorporating a large Grand Finale event and they were eager to ensure the finale would have a successful level of attendance and ROI. It was also a goal of theirs to increase overall sales and revenue for the Kauai’s Best Bartender event.

    Tasks & Solution

    Jaxon Communications began with the development of Kauai’s Best Bartender website, showcasing what this event was all about and creating a digital experience for the customer. In order to build awareness and engagement leading up to the event, Jaxon’s team created social media profiles for Kauai’s Best Bartender independent of the resort and restaurants pages.

    The Jaxon Communications Team engineered original, engaging, and visually compelling content (photo, video, and graphics) to communicate the brand image and to build expectations/excitement amongst potential guests via Kauai’s Best Bartender’s social media pages.

    2 months leading up to the event to the finale, Jaxon Communications ran social media advertising campaigns with a variety of targeted ads to maximize awareness about the event and to increase customer enthusiasm.

    Each week the Jaxon Team created original content (videos, bartender interviews, graphics highlighting the competitors, etc.) resulting in an elevated visual representation of the brand and increased brand engagement. JC also continually provided live event coverage through Instagram Stories.


    Kauai’s Best Bartender’s social media presence has been successfully established with their own social pages; they now have a stronger brand identity and image. Overall, in 3 months the Jaxon team delivered over 620k Impressions and 17K engagements for the brand.





    2019 was the most successful year for the Kauai’s Best Bartender series to date, resulting in a 53% increase in overall beverage sales from the year prior. Over 1,000 people attended the hugely successful Grand Finale Event. Jaxon Communications’ marketing efforts resulted in increased exposure and publicity for the event, restaurant, and resort. A large amount of professional visual content was created throughout the event, which can be used for future marketing and public relations efforts.

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