Emma Kelekoma

Graphic Designer

Embracing Kauai Graphic Designers
Graphic Designers working together

On the island of Kauai graphic design has significant room to grow into something that pushes businesses forward. Being born and raised on the island of Kauai I wasn’t exposed to designing and branding in my youth. I used to define graphic design based on assumptions. I’m sure other’s do this as well! I believed that graphic design was simply making logos, nothing more. However, I was curious and wanted to learn more. After taking a leap into the world of design I have come out with a fundamental understanding of the world of graphic design.  It is so much broader than logo design!

“At the heart of it, graphic design is the art of visual communication. It is one of the strongest, most effective ways to show and display information.”

After diving headfirst into the world of design by pursuing my Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design, I have come out with a strong understanding of the world of graphic design. It is so many things, consisting of diverse avenues and services. At the heart of it, graphic design is the art of visual communication. In short, it is one of the most effective ways to show and display information.  

Kauai Graphic Designers can display information through services like:

  • Visual Identity (logo design/branding)
  • Marketing and advertising design
  • UX ( User interface, app design)
  • Print publications (magazines)
  • Packaging
  • Environment Design
Hand on keyboard
Graphic designers working on screen

This industry has proven time and time again how valuable it is for businesses. It creates business identities and helps to appeal to target audiences. Stylistic decisions vary in different areas of the world depending on the market and audience designers are serving. For example, the style of a Swedish designer will not be the same as a Los Angeles designer. Why? They are rooted in different communities but most importantly, inspired by different cultures. 

Graphic Design for Kauai

Kauai is very deeply rooted in its traditions. The backbone of the local community lies within its values. The culture of graphic design in Kauai still has an exciting space for growth and development. A unique part of the island is the strong sense of community here. As a Kauai graphic designer myself, I feel a deep desire to find ways to support this community. 

One key value of a graphic designer is their ability to see the world from many perspectives. We as designers are always finding a story, finding values to build visual communication. As a Kauai local and native Hawaiian I empathize with resistance against change. It appears that there is a fear about loss of culture via the ever-changing world of business and technology. This is a valid concern. However, change does not have to be a threat, especially when the values of our communities remain steadfast. Here at Jaxon Communications we have worked with many local businesses that have updated their logo to modern and clean design, still holding its traditional values. Just like our Kauai community, Kauai graphic designers hold their values as the backbone of their designs. 


Here at Jaxon Communications, I have had the opportunity to work with a diversity of brands and I am excited to continue this important work. We strive to create solid foundations on which our clients’ company can depend on. As a locally owned marketing agency our values reflect our community. These values are of the utmost priority.