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Nani Holroyd • Lead Developer

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If you’re here it’s probably because you’re curious about web design services and how they can benefit your business. As an experienced web developer and designer, I am here to help guide you by getting to know the ins and outs of  Hawaii web design!

Running a business in Hawaii’s tourism economy has historically been a different ball game than the typical mainland-style approach. In the past, Hawaii’s tourism economy businesses were able to flourish by capturing the traveler market through primarily print media advertising, brochures, and wholesale contracts with hotel/vacation rental companies. These marketing strategies worked well for a traditional marketing strategy.

However, over the last 10 years, and even more so with the impact of COVID-19, joining the digital revolution has become an essential requirement for companies to survive. Many bookings have transitioned to pre-arrival and trip planning has become entirely contactless. More people are using the internet to make plans, complete purchases, and find information than ever before. 

“To keep up with the fast-paced contemporary world, small business owners in Hawaii are being pushed to jump online and start investing digitally.”

Jaxon Communications is a Hawaiian owned business. Our development team takes a strategic approach to Hawaii Web Design, differentiating us from other Hawaii located web designers. With goal-oriented builds we focus on the numbers and tailor strategy towards creating obtainable milestones in correspondence with our customer’s goals for their investment. Our team has a wide range of experts specializing in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), UX (User Experience), and UI Design (User Interface Design). 

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    Your business’ website critically defines your online presence, even basic improvements will help you succeed in the marketplace.

    As the Hawaii business industry becomes more digitally integrated the competition online continues to increase. Because of this, it has become impossible for poorly optimized websites to gain any traction.

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    Jaxon Communications offers our clients professionally custom built websites. We take mobile optimization to the next level and personalize the look and the quality of the site to feel effortless in the palm of your hand. Our websites can be tailored to a variety of industries including restaurants, retail, tour companies, banks and more. Our digital solutions specialist will strategize the most effective way to integrate any special features into your site to ensure productivity and ease.

    What sets our SEO team apart is our holistic approach towards our client’s SEO strategies. By providing long term SEO strategies that keep end-goals in mind along with onsite optimization we equip our clients with comprehensive SEO services. 

    Whether you prefer a hands-on or hands-off experience we are confident in our team’s skill-set to provide you with the quality web development services you’re looking for. We work with a wide variety of website hosting and building platforms including:

    • WordPress
    • Shopify
    • Squarespace
    • WooCommerce
    • Wix 

    Our integration specialists are certified in plugins like Fareharbor, Stripe, Google Analytics, etc. Our services also include website management, website hosting, website updates, revamps, and full builds. We can help you purchase and link domains and clean up your online presence with link redirects.

    We look forward to hearing about your sales goals and look forward to having the opportunity to show you what we can do to propel your business into the future.