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From June to December of 2020 Jaxon Communications created the Aloha for Kaua’i campaign to raise public awareness and encourage the community to shop, dine, and support local businesses as often as possible to keep jobs and funds circulating on Kaua’i during the Covid-19 economic crisis.

    Aloha for Kaua’i was split up into two phases, the first phase was sponsored by the Kauaʻi Economic Relief Strategy Team (KERST), the County of Kauaʻi, Kauaʻi Chamber of Commerce, Kaua’i Made, and The Shops at Kukui’ula. The second phase was sponsored by the Kauai Visitors Bureau and Kupa’a Kaua’i.


    In the aftermath of the tourism industry coming to a grinding halt due to Covid-19, many local Kaua’i businesses felt the incredible financial strain and threat of losing their businesses. In 2020 as the world turned to working from home, online schooling, and social distancing it became clear that the quickly moving digital landscape was a space that could help these local businesses stay afloat. The digital space would maintain a connection with their customers and garner new client awareness/income.


    The local business culture of Kaua’i has often relied heavily on word of mouth and interpersonal connections in order to keep business awareness active. With the safety restrictions and general health precautions taken in the wake of Covid-19, many businesses found their regular business functions under strain as the world moved to online commerce and contactless interactions. Though many businesses were able to stay open, they lost most of the tourism clientele that frequented their businesses and brought in the majority of their income. To keep businesses afloat there needed to be a solution that reached across the absence of tourism and actually achieved business visibility/awareness in a Covid-19 safe way.

    Jaxon Communications, with our experience in the realm of digital marketing and management, was able to offer a solution.

    Phase One

    The 1st Phase of the Aloha for Kaua’i campaign ran from June 28th, 2020 to September 8th, 2020. The campaign aimed to support 30 restaurants and retailers through high-quality content, paid advertisement, and social media exposure. In the campaign’s submission period, it received interest from 105 Kaua’i business applicants during a span of one week. 

    The scope of benefits provided to 30 local Kaua’i businesses during Phase 1 covered each of the following marketing services:

    • Storytelling via Social Media – Sharing more personal aspects of each business, the people behind it, and their relationship with the community.
    • Professional Photography and Creative – In addition to high-quality photos the businesses are provided with more cutting-edge graphic types (i.e. stop-motion, illustrations) to better compete for attention in today’s digital landscape. 
    • Weekly Facebook Live Events – To teach the public more about each business’ story and showcase their offerings. This is coupled with live music from local musicians and prizes are given out to encourage participation. 
    • Cross-promotion through a network of business leaders and local influencers
    • Paid Social Media Advertising

    Phase Two

    After expressed interest in the continuation of the campaign, Phase 2 of Aloha for Kaua’i ran from September 28th, 2020 to December 31st. Keeping the same goals as the first phase central to the campaign, high-quality content as well as paid advertising and social media exposure, Aloha for Kaua’i received interest from 75 Kaua’i business applicants during the submission week. With funding and resources, Phase Two of the program was about to accept 24 Kaua’i restaurants and retailers into the program.

    The scope of benefits provided to 24 local Kaua’i businesses during Phase 2 included many of the same services as the 1st phase along with additional services offered:

    1 Hour Professional Photography Session – In addition to high-quality photos of their staff, products, and services, businesses were provided with some more cutting-edge graphic types (i.e. videos, stop-motion, GIFs, etc.) to better compete for attention today digital landscape. In the end, each business received about 20-35 edited photos for use on their social media pages, websites, and/or online shops.

    30-second Promotional Video – Our Hawaii videography team created a professional 30-second video showcasing each business for their promotional use (social, website, ads, etc.). We further amplified the videos by including them in our paid advertising efforts.

    Social Media Promotion – We shared more personal aspects of each business with the public (their stories, the people behind them, and their relationship with the community) as well as their current hours, location, products, services, and any specials that they want- ed to promote. We highlighted each business with engaging photo and video content and directed traffic to their pages. We also created beautiful Stories content that was easy for the businesses to reshare to their own audiences with the push of a button.

    Weekly Giveaways – We hosted a flash giveaway each week and gave away prizes to maximize interest and engagement between potential customers and the businesses. The giveaway posts contained photos highlighting the different offerings from each business. Entrants were encouraged to share the posts to their networks, extending the potential Reach of Aloha for Kaua’i’s content and the businesses involved.

    Paid Social Media Advertising Each business received one Targeted Facebook Ad with a budget of $125 in ad spend to drive traffic to their website. Each ad’s creative content and targeting was tailored specifically to the business and their potential customers using a variety of ad types including videos and Carousel ads. We targeted Kaua’i as well as off-island, depending on each business’ online shopping capabilities, and directed traffic towards their websites.

    Brand Audit – Our team of marketing specialists provided a brand audit for each business; we analyzed their current digital marketing efforts (Website, SEO, Social Media, Advertising Online Reviews, and Community Feedback) and provided some tips and recommendations to support them.


    This campaign was incredibly successful from its inception. Members of the community expressed their approval of the Aloha for Kaua’i campaign. A Kaua’i resident named Vanessa commented that the campaign’s output for local business, Hanalei Spirits, writing, “Fantastic to see great products and businesses get the reviews they deserve! Fabulous products for an amazing family who work super hard to produce quality. The story is fabulous and love the local contingent (produce, businesses) included in every product.”






    Total Followers

    Business owners who were recipients of the campaign’s services expressed their satisfaction with the campaign as well. Ali Avalon, co-owner of Avalon Gastropub, said “The Aloha for Kaua’i team is awesome!! We can’t thank you enough.” Pooka Johnston-Kennedy, Owner of Seaweed + Sage was quoted saying “Thank you to everyone involved with Aloha for Kauai. This is truly a beautiful thing you have done for our community of small businesses.” Vindi Wells, Owner of Hanalei Spirits, also expressed satisfaction stating “It was such a wonderful experience, really. The photography, videography, writing, ALL OF IT was just so cool”.


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